YiffNet IRC Network is down

On Monday, November 12, 2001, at around 10am EST, Elkay disabled DNS resolving for any of the YiffNet servers and took down Netmonger's IRC daemon. Harik followed suit, and took down AO's IRC daemon. The reason? They're sick of dealing with and hearing about all the crap that revolves around Sibe. They're providing a free service to the Furry community by running the servers that they aren't required to run. It's out of the goodness of their hearts, and they are repeatedly being bashed about not doing anything to help with the Sibe situation. They're being told that they don't know how to run servers, and that they're not being good admins. Then, when they try suggesting an implentation that would help, they get shot down, bashed, and told that it either wouldn't help or would cause too much trouble or extra work for the users. Well, they don't have to run the servers and be admins, so they've decided not to. If you want to see an example of what I'm talking about, look at the bottom of this page. This stuff that they're getting is not "normal" constructive criticism and complaints. It's downright insulting, and it's not just from one person It's from a lot of people. It's not worth continuing to provide this free service with all the flak and insults that they're getting. They do have lives of their own, and can't be babysitting 24/7.

That's the scoop. It's just another case of how moan, bitch, and plex get you nowhere. I put up this page so we don't have to repeat it a dozen times over every time a new person joins the channel.

- Simba

P.S. There are a few servers who decided to stay running. They are:

yiff.furry.de port 6667
irc.critter.net port 6667 and 7000
irc.chameleon.net port 6667

If you're really desperate, and can't possibly get on any of those three, use baobab.pridelands.org 6667. It's not connected to any other server, but it is an IRC server that is accepting connections. You might find people there. It's a development server, currently in testing, with some added "features".

P.P.S. Sibe seems to have some remorse for what he has done. Here is a recent message that he posted to alt.fan.furry.

P.P.P.S. AnthroChat is the new go-to network for Furry IRC.